May 25 - 27 | 2018
The International Centre | Toronto

National Advisory Committee



The Committee is composed of professionals from the areas of manufacturing, importing and furniture sales, as well as trade shows, among others. Committee members are also from various regions across Canada to ensure it is representative of the Canadian industry.





Committee Chairman

Pierre Richard, President and CEO of the Canadian Furniture Show, Montréal, Québec




  • Wally Bak, Multiline representative, Ontario
  • Steve Braniff, Director, Dufresne Group, Cambridge, Ontario
  • Brad Geddes, President & CEO, Zucora Inc., Ontario
  • David Gélinas, Executive Vice-President, Zedbed, Québec
  • Ralph Gerstl, Manager, Sleepking Crown Design, Toronto, Ontario
  • Trevor Graham, Vice-President, The International Centre, Mississauga, Ontario
  • Jason Harris, Vice-President, Sales & Marketing, Stylus Furniture, British Columbia
  • Patrick Kelly, Assistant Vice President Home Furnishings, Cantrex, Toronto, Ontario
  • Dennis Novosel, President, Stoney Creek Furniture, Stoney Creek, Ontario
  • John Power, General Manager, Sales and Strategic Development, Mega Group, Mississauga, Ontario
  • Laine Reynolds, Vice-President, Sales and Marketing, Superstyle Furniture, Woodbridge, Ontario
  • Robert Sheppard, Appliance and Retail Specialist, Ontario
  • Benoit Simard, President and CEO, Mega Group, Québec
  • Alykhan Sunderji, Vice-President, Park Avenue Furniture, Calgary, Alberta
  • Marc Wiltshire, Vice-President, Sales, Palliser Furniture, Ontario

Support Staff

  • Simon Harris, Sales Director, Canadian Furniture Show
  • Nathalie Lessard, Communications & Events Director, Canadian Furniture Show

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