May 24 - 26 | 2019
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Quality Canadian Furniture

Quality Canadian Furniture is a network of Canadian furniture manufacturers. 

Canadian furniture manufacturer have a passion for quality furniture designed and manufactured right here in Canada. Local products we can all be proud of and warmly welcome into our homes. Products that are a true reflection of the skill and creativity of countless, talented Canadian workers.

Quality Canadian Furniture brings together trend specialists, designers, and woodworkers — from small-town cabinetmakers to large manufacturers — united under one leading idea: your home deserves personalized decor as unique as you are. A look and feel that’s all your own.

Canadian Quality Furniture's mission is simple: to spread the word about Canadian-made furniture to Canadians and furniture lovers everywhere.

By buying furniture designed and manufactured in Canada, you’re doing your part to help Canadian workers, local economies, and the environment. But you also reward our artisans and entrepreneurs for a job well done and contribute to the ongoing design, development and manufacture of high-quality furniture. How very Canadian of you!

Today, Quality Canadian Furniture represents close to one hundred furniture
manufacturers, including family businesses firmly entrenched in small communities across Canada.

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