May 25 - 27 | 2018
The International Centre | Toronto

Admission Policies & Criteria


No admission outside the official dates and times.


Cameras and other photographic equipment are not allowed at the Market, except those used by journalists for professional purposes.


The International Centre is a non-smoking facility under Mississauga's Smoke-Free-By-Law and smoking is strictly prohibited. Those contravening the Smoke-Free-By-Law are subject to a fine of up to $5,000. Please help us to maintain a healthy atmosphere for all attendees.

From Friday, May 25 until the end of the Show, Sunday, May 27, 2018, industry professionals who wish to visit the Show to work or to visit must wear a badge.



They work in the booths - Exhibitors

- Sales representatives


They come to buy


- Buyers (retailers)


They come to visit the Show

- Designers & decorators

  - Guests (including exhibitors’ guests and store personnel)

- Media


Show Team
- Show employees


Starting March 1st, exhibitors can request their badges.

- ‘’EXHIBITOR’’ BADGES: This category includes all employees and/or management staff who will be working in the booth during the Show (except sales reps, see below).

This badge gives access to the exhibit floor before the opening hours.

- ’GUEST’’ BADGES: This category is for exhibitors’ special guests only (e.g.: bank managers, factory and office employees) and not for the staff working in the booth.

Exhibitor guest badges give access to the Show only during opening hours.

- ’SALES REPRESENTATIVE’’ BADGES: Despite the fact that they work in exhibitors’ booths, sales representatives must request their own badges.


"Buyer" badges

To register as a buyer:


During your online or on-site registration, you will be required to supply two (2) of the following supporting documents:

- Supply your Business Card showing company name, your name, mailing or business address, telephone, email address and web site.

- A current retail business license proving that your company is involved in the furniture, interior design, bedding, home decor, gift & accessory industries.

- Certification or license of being an interior designer.

- Two (2) copies of purchase orders/invoices from the last four (4) months, indicating purchases of furniture, bedding, floor coverings, gifts or accessories.

- Employment verification letter on company letterhead.




To obtain their badge, media representatives must go to the registration counters.

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