January 16 - 18 | 2020
The International Centre | Toronto

No Suitcasing Policy

The Canadian Furniture Show has adopted a No Suitcasing Policy to protect its exhibiting companies from people who attempt to solicit business in the aisles, other companies’ booths, or public areas.


No Suitcasing Policy Statement
The Canadian Furniture Show does its best to protect all Show participants from solicitation from companies who have not paid for the privilege to do so, commonly referred to in the exhibition industry as “suitcasing”. Our policy will be posted using signage in the registration areas and enforced to the best of our ability.


Non-exhibitors observed to be soliciting business during the Canadian Furniture Show, in the aisles, other company’s booth, or public areas will be asked to leave immediately.


Please report any violations you may observe to the Show Team.

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